Feel the Deal

Have you wanted to learn how to make a pot on a potters wheel?
Maybe you took a class and are a bit out of practice.
Well come on and lets get started.

Scott is teaching pottery.
He has over 35 years experience, as a teacher and guest potter.

We have  classes in the afternoons or evenings to make it easy for you, which run 6 weeks twice a week.Call for start dates. We also let you just jump in during any class so why wait.

Class cost is $180.00 for
First 25 lbs of clay, dipping glaze, materials and firings.

We sell clay so if you need more we have it!

A night of introduction to working on a pottery wheel.

Age: Instructor discretion
Instructors: TBA
Price: $35.00 per person *
Space limited call for reservations. Phone 850-389-2225
* Includes all materials and tools.

After any class you can have open studio time for $15.00 for 2 hours and then $3.00 an hour after that. Clay and materials available.

Stuff for  Sale